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You've got an aggressive rock machine on your hands with the ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1000ET solidbody electric guitar. It's all here: set-neck construction for never-ending sustain? Check. Thin, fast-playing neck profile? Check. Pair of tone-packed EMG humbucking pickups? Double check. And the Eclipse EC-1000ET is packing ESP's EverTune bridge, which keeps consistent tension on your strings for long-lasting tuning stability, and incredible intonation too. If you're ready to rock, you're ready to plug in with the ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1000ET solidbody electric guitar.
  • The EC1000ET BLK has a Mahogany Body with a Maple Top, Mahogany Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • It has a Set-Neck Construction and a 24.75" Scale with 24 Extra Jumbo Frets and a Thin-U neck contour
  • The pickups are active EMG 81(b) and EMG 60(n) and comes standard with Grover Tuners
  • The controls are Vol/Vol/Tone with a 3-way toggle switch
  • EverTune is an all Mechanical bridge that uses a spring and a lever for each string to keep each string in tune once tuned. Each saddle pulls on each string with constant tension, naturally maintaining tune through all conditions, even changes in temperature, heavy bending, and squeezing chords too hard. EverTune is well suited for the live environment, the recording studio, and any time musicians want to put inspiration and playing above any thoughts about their guitars performance in any environment.