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Phitz is a Chicago-based company. We do all of our instrument case design work here. We manufacture our cases at our wholly-owned sewing factory in China. We control every aspect of design and every aspect of quality, and we think that matters a lot.

We care about everything. We individually inspect each case many times during the manufacturing process. We use better materials, thicker foam and tougher thread. We call out better sewing details than you'll find in other products.

We use a big, beautiful, #8 self-healing nylon zipper from a great manufacturer and custom-mold our zipper pulls. We pull-test each batch to guarantee their strength. You'll never know that our stronger thread and obsessive testing kept your case from coming apart three weeks after you bought it - when the competitor's case that you're considering would have failed for lack of similar attention. The details matter.

The foam in these cases is .6" thick - about as tall as a dime. It's a comfortable amount for sliding in and out of your car, carrying around town, or wearing on your back on a bicycle. It's also suitable to carry on to an airplane.

We designed this to be a good case and we hope that we've succeeded. (Lots of happy reviews from customers suggest that we have.) We guarantee our cases and happily accept returns and exchanges.

From all of us here, thank you for considering a Phitz case. We hope that you'll make your next case a Phitz.

  • This is a guitar case for a Flying V-style electric guitar. Built with serious musicians in mind, Phitz bags comes fully loaded with a thoughtful, rugged set of features - with a twist.
  • With a reinforced carry handle, locker loop, backpack straps and rust-proof zippers, sewn with heavy duty polyester luggage thread, this case is guaranteed not to fail by our 1 year warranty.
  • Padded with over .5" of plush polyurethane foam to protect every inch of your guitar. Bottom corners are reinforced with dense EVA foam to protect the sharp corners of your V-style guitar.
  • Large 14"x18"x1" front pocket to fit sheet music, folders, straps, and small binders with slim front pocket on top. Small hidden pocket on the back of the neck for easy access to picks, strings and other accessories.
  • With interior dimensions of 48"x18"x2" this case fits most V-style electric guitars including: Gibson Flying V, ESP LTD V-50, BC Rich Metal Master Kerry King V or JRV Series, Dean V and VX Series, Jackson King V6/V7 or Rhoads V, Kramer Vanguard, and Jackson RRXT Rhoads X Series.
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This ESP MH-2015 sports a gorgeous quilted maple top with a finish you won't see on other LTD models: see thru black satin. It looks great with the ebony board and multiple body bindings. Electronically, this axe has an EMG 66 in the neck and an EMG 57 in the bridge. Both have brushed black chrome covers from EMG's MetalWorks line. A TonePros locking TOM bridge keeps everything in tune, and the string-thru-body design adds a little extra oomph to the sustain. Most LTD models don't come with hardshell cases, but this one does.
$6,099 $4,099
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The ESP Horizon is a fast-playing and slick looking American-made instrument. This one being an especially stealthy riff bomber with a solid Sapphire Black Metallic finish, and the neck has minimalist offset small block inlays to show off the Ebony fretboard. The guitar is loaded with EMG 66 (neck) and 57 (neck) active pickups with tons of tone and precision no matter what level of gain you play with.
$1,556 $1,030
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"Gary Holt joined Exodus in 1981 shortly after their formation, and has been the band's main songwriter ever since. Holt has performed on every Exodus album, and is considered highly influential in the world of thrash metal. In 2011, he began filling in for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman at live shows, and became the band's full-time co-guitarist as of 2013, while remaining a member of Exodus. Godfather of Thrash!! Gary Holt is known as the "Godfather of Thrash Metal" for good reason: the style he helped develop in the early 80s with Exodus has echoed through the decades and continues today with his work in that band as well as in his newer role as a member of Slayer. Designed for working musicians who need an excellent guitar for touring and recording, the LTD Signature Series GH-600 has serious professional features like set-thru neck construction, mahogany body and neck with ebony fingerboard, Grover tuners, a Floyd Rose bridge, and EMG89R RED (neck) / EMG 81 RED (bridge) pickups, as well as a distinctive Black finish with red body/neck/headstock binding."
  • Mahogany Body and 3 piece Mahogany Neck
  • Ebony fretboard with Split Block Inlays
  • Floyd Rose Bridge, 22 Xtra Jumbo Frets, 24.75" Scale Length
  • EMG 89R RED Neck PU, EMG 81 RED Bridge PU
  • Includes: ChromaCast Pro Series Les Paul Hard Case, 4 Pick Sampler, Tuner, Pro Series 10' Cable, & GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth
$1,499 $1,049
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You've got an aggressive rock machine on your hands with the ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1000ET solidbody electric guitar. It's all here: set-neck construction for never-ending sustain? Check. Thin, fast-playing neck profile? Check. Pair of tone-packed EMG humbucking pickups? Double check. And the Eclipse EC-1000ET is packing ESP's EverTune bridge, which keeps consistent tension on your strings for long-lasting tuning stability, and incredible intonation too. If you're ready to rock, you're ready to plug in with the ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1000ET solidbody electric guitar.
  • The EC1000ET BLK has a Mahogany Body with a Maple Top, Mahogany Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • It has a Set-Neck Construction and a 24.75" Scale with 24 Extra Jumbo Frets and a Thin-U neck contour
  • The pickups are active EMG 81(b) and EMG 60(n) and comes standard with Grover Tuners
  • The controls are Vol/Vol/Tone with a 3-way toggle switch
  • EverTune is an all Mechanical bridge that uses a spring and a lever for each string to keep each string in tune once tuned. Each saddle pulls on each string with constant tension, naturally maintaining tune through all conditions, even changes in temperature, heavy bending, and squeezing chords too hard. EverTune is well suited for the live environment, the recording studio, and any time musicians want to put inspiration and playing above any thoughts about their guitars performance in any environment.
$3,198 $1,999
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If the ESP E-II Stream 4-string electric bass doesn't look like your typical workhorse bass, then take a closer look. For starters, this axe sports a white ash body and thin U-shaped maple neck, a combination that sets the foundation for stable action and punchy tone. Taking full advantage of its complex harmonics are a set of EMG Soapbar series pickups, including a 35P4 in the middle and a 35J at the bridge. They my be fitted to standard 3.5" housings, but these pickups offer traditional P/J versatility, whereas the active electronics keep the noise down and amp up the wallop. And when it comes to stability, the E-II Stream's got a set of Gotoh tuners on one end and a flexible Hipshot A-style bridge at the other. When you add it all up, you end up with classic tonewoods, rock-solid hardware, and the pickups you'd want anyway, making the ESP E-II Stream a super-easy choice for any bass player.
  • The E-II Stream FM/STBLK has a White Ash Body with a Flamed Maple Top, Maple Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • This bass comes equipped with a Hipshot "A" Style Bridge and Gotoh Tuners
  • It has a Bolt-On Neck Construction with a 34" Scale with 21 Extra Jumbo Frets and a Thin-U Neck Contour
  • The pickups are active EMG 35J(b) & EMG 35P-4(n)
  • The controls are Vol/Bal/Mini Switch(BTC)/EMG BTC 2-Band (Stack) EQ
  • Hardshell Case Model: CSTREAMFF Included
$570 $399
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This axe combines all the class and charm of its forefathers with modern engineering and radical design changes for unique character. The precision-crafted mahogany semi-hollowbody and set neck resonate with sweet sounds and deliver serious sonic output thanks to hot ESP LH-150 humbuckers. Independent volume and tone controls for each pickup plus a 3-way pickup selector give you lots of options. The solid maple neck has a warm rosewood fretboard with gorgeous pearl block inlays and 22 extra-jumbo frets.
  • The XPS-1 BLK has a Mahogany Body with a Maple Neck and a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • This guitar comes equipped with a TOM Bridge & Tailpiece and LTD Tuners
  • It has a Bolt-On Neck Construction and a 24.75" Scale with 22 Extra Jumbo Frets and a Thin-U Neck Contour
  • The pickups are passive ESP Designed LH-150 (B/N)
  • The controls are Vol/Vol/Tone/Tone/Toggle Switch
  • Hardshell Case Model: CXTPFF Sold Separately
$713 $499
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When you’re ready to rock, the LTD M-200 is as well. Despite its low price, the M-200 offers a basswood body, along with a thin-U shaped maple neck for the ultimate in fast shredding on its 24-fret rosewood fingerboard.
  • The LTD M200 Black Desert Camo has a Basswood Body with a Maple Neck and a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • This guitar comes equipped with a Floyd Rose Special Bridge and Locking Nut
  • It has a Bolt-On Neck Construction with a 25.5" Scale with 24 Extra Jumbo Frets and a Thin-U Neck Construction
  • The Pickups are ESP Designed
  • The Controls are Vol/Tone with a 3 Way Switch
$999 $498
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ESP's LTD F-350 solidbody electric guitar is a shred machine. If projecting attitude onstage is your aim, wielding an F series guitar is the ideal way to do it. The F body shape is intimidating, sure - but that's only part of this fine instrument's considerable charm. With a shredtastic maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, playability is another. In the tone department, you get two active EMG humbuckers that pump out a universe of tone, while the fixed bridge delivers rock-solid stability. Ready for a serious shred weapon? GearNuts has it: the ESP LTD F-350.
  • The F350 BLK has a Mahogany Body with a Maple Neck and a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • This guitar comes equipped with a Floyd Rose Special Bridge and Locking Nut
  • It has a Neck-Thru Body Construction and a 25.5" Scale with 24 Extra Jumbo Frets and an Extra Thin-U Neck Contour
  • The pickups are active EMG 81(b/n)
  • The controls are Vol/Tone with a Toggle Switch
  • Hardshell Case Model: CFFF Sold Separately
$1,570 $1,099
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The ESP James Hetfield LTD Truckster Electric Guitar is the fifth Hetfield Signature Series guitar to carry his name since James and ESP joined forces in 1991. This latest model is manufactured to the exact specifications of James' Truckster, a modified ESP Eclipse-style stage guitar used on the St. Anger tour. This signature ESP Truckster features a multilayered finish strategically sanded through and fully distressed to simulate the original guitar.
  • The LTD James Hetfield Truckster BLKS has a Mahogany Body with a Maple Top, Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard
  • This Metal Machine comes with a TonePros Locking TOM Bridge & Tailpiece LTD Locking Tuners
  • It has a 24.75" Scale with Set-Neck Construction, Thin-U Neck Contour, and 22 Extra Jumbo Frets
  • The Pickups are Active EMG JH Set (b/n)
  • The Controls are Vol/Vol/Tone with a Toggle Switch
  • Hardshell Case Model: CECFF Sold Separately